Seascape Workshop Gear Checklist

Seascape Camera Set-ups
All you need to bring on your 'Enthusiast' Seascape Workshop
To get the best from your time out on the Cornish coasts, I've put together a checklist of the gear required for an 'Enthusiast' workshop. This only an outline guide and it may be that you have more equipment that you'd like to bring which is absolutely fine. Alternatively, especially if you're flying down, you may be compromised on bringing items like Wellingtons. It's really not a good look wearing them in the airport lounge! So we will talk things through prior to your arrival to make sure we have something in place. Likewise, don't be alarmed if you're taking a Beginner course and looking at all the camera gear with trepidation. We will talk through what you will need to bring as I have a whole selection of tripods, filters etc. that we can sort you out with if the need arises.


Back Pack
Lenses - Wide Angle Zoom & Telephoto
Flash Gun
Filter Holder & ND Filters (Soft & Hard Grad)
Polarising Filters
Batteries & Charger
Memory Cards
Remote Trigger
Small Torch
Lens Cloths

Lap Top (& Slave Drive back up)
Note Book (for your studio post production workflow notes)


No matter the time of year, when shooting the golden hours on a remote clifftop or sweeping beach it will be chilly. So here's what I recommend you pack along with the usual clothes you would wear on a day out in the open - fleeces, walking trousers, T-shirts etc.

Waterproof Anorak
Waterproof Over-Trousers
Wooly Hat
Walking Boots

Sunglasses - Essential at any time of year as you will be standing by water that reflects the UV rays and looking into the sky.
Sun Cream

If you are booking an 'Advanced' or 'Adventurer' workshop, we will discuss your objectives and organise the equipment you need to bring accordingly.