A view from across the Atlantic

Claudette Devereaux came over from Long Beach in California for a break from a highly pressurised job and to expand her seascape skill set. Here's what she said...

Dear Chris,

I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful vacation. Attending your 5-day Seascape Workshop of Cornwall exceeded my expectations. My photographs are stunning, if I say so myself! You actually tailored this workshop around me. In my work as an Emergency Room Supervisor, I'm under tremendous stress. You provided me with beautiful scenery, adventures and hiking-- just what I needed to relax and reclaim my 'chi'.

Chris, you are the quintessential photographer! You eagerly shared your extensive knowledge of filters and Photoshop techniques with me. I'm no longer intimidated!

The extraordinary hospitality from you and Sam, hasn't gone unnoticed either. Your incredible culinary skills tantalized my palate daily. Rest assured I've shared my experience with practically everyone I know.

Until next year!

With Love,