"Incredible Workshop"

Here's what advanced photography enthusiast George George said of his two day Cornish Seascape workshop...

Hi Chris

First and foremost, a big thank you to yourself and Sam for being such great hosts during my brief stay with you. On meeting you I felt relaxed in your company as you put me at my ease and welcomed me into your lovely home. Great company and great food. Thank you both.

I have three significant take-aways from your amazing workshop experience: well researched knowledge of sites is essential; Photoshop is not so scary after all; and don’t assume that a nice walk with your camera will turn in good shots. They don’t come to you, you have to get properly prepared and go out there and get them.

There's no doubt Cornwall provides plenty of opportunity for Seascape photography, however knowing the great locations to go to experience the best opportunities for extraordinary light and drama within a two day window - even if it does mean getting up at 3.00am - can only come with your exceptional local knowledge.

As I think I said while with you last week, your incredible workshop opened up the magic and power of Photoshop to me. My go to post processing tool has always been Lightroom. PS was a scary step too far and anyway, what could it do that the LR grad filter and clarity and saturation sliders couldn’t?.. Well how wrong could I be! By following your simple work flow, I learned how to turn the acceptable into the exceptional, and I now have the confidence to further broaden my knowledge of this amazing programme.

Of course, even PS needs an image that is at least 80% there in terms of composition, light and colour, and here your guidance on filters, camera settings and positioning was invaluable - and thank you for the loan of the filters and the chest waders!

I may not be at competition winning standard, and in fact that's not my goal, but you have taken my photography to another level and I'm really excited about putting all the lessons of these intense two days into practice.

So again thanks for exceeding all my expectations of this Seascape course. I will keep in touch and maybe take advantage of a further session with you either in the autumn or winter months. Until then I have a lot of practice to do, and a lot of old photos to re-visit in PS!

My very best wishes to you both.


George George in the tideline