With vast golden beaches, towering cliffs, remote coves and sleepy estuaries, Cornwall boasts some of the most varied and spectacular coastline in the world. Add the fact that the sunrise on the south coast and the sunset on the north are just a few miles apart, and you have the ideal destination for Seascape photography.

That's why, as an extension of my commercial work, all year round I offer one-to-one, residential workshop courses for DSLR photography enthusiasts of all experience, age and fitness levels. Based around my home studio on the Atlantic coast, I will introduce you to superb locations and show you how to shoot stunning seascapes and post process them to a gallery standard. CLICK HERE for Course info

Four main assets set my workshops apart:

1. Exclusivity - The focus is on you. There's no group to dilute the tuition and we have the beach to ourselves. Back in the studio you have my undivided attention. It's true to say every single workshop client, even those who had never even opened the programme, has left being able to process RAW files through Photoshop. So in terms of expert, One-to-One guidance, this course is unmatched.

2. Experience - I have over 40 year's experience of exploring Cornwall's coastline. Matching tide and time with your own aspirations and comfort level, we will visit a host of different locations. So you will gain many different perspectives and build a varied body of work.

3. Expertise - My award winning seascape approach is forged on a 30+ year professional career. I had my first camera aged 10 and after shooting and developing 35mm film at School and Art College, I went on to hone my craft in London's Advertising & Design scene. Alongside my own commissions, I art directed many top names and worked with leading colour houses. I was at the birth of the Digital Studio and have been using Adobe Photoshop professionally since 1990. So, while I preach capturing the image 'in camera', I know a multitude of refining techniques that get the best from a RAW file and reflect the scene just as it was. It's Photoshop's versatility and infinite colour handling properties that means, when it comes to processing Fine Art imagery, no other programme comes close. CLICK HERE to view my dedicated photography website.

4. Excellence - I strive to offer the best Seascape course in Cornwall, if not the UK. So alongside teaching an award-winning photographic approach out on the coast, my studio accommodates 27" iMac Pro's running Photoshop CC. I am delighted to have had many clients who have gone on to sell their work and win club competitions. Add to this your en-suite accommodation is in a large, modern house and the all-inclusive food menu is planned around exactly what you like to eat.

My Seascape approach embraces the coast's stunning natural beauty and the sea's ever-changing temperament. I am passionate about trying to capture it's fluid interplay with light, rock, sand and season. From placid calm to howling tempest, it's ever-changing state and moods mean no shoot is ever the same. And the excitement of watching a scene evolve through the viewfinder gives me a thrill that is unmatched by any other photographic discipline.

While we will visit locations right around the coasts, Crantock Bay is just down the lane. The BBC Coast programme voted it Britain's Best Beach in 2014, The Sunday Times Travel Supplement did the same the following year, and it was recently placed at the heart of a newly founded Marine Conservation Area. It is a truly wonderful place that boasts a host of aspects at all times of the tide and season.

Workshop itineraries change with the seasons and an individual client's aspirations. Yet generally, we shoot the Blue/Golden Hours of each day with daytime locations and plenty of studio time in between. This makes my workshop "an intensive photographic experience" as one regular client puts it. Therefore 5 days is usually the maximum duration I offer. As for seasonal choice, here's a personal overview to give you a guide to booking.

Spring - March, April, May - A time of nature's regeneration with fresh colours and bright skies. The sea takes on stunning turquoise hues as the sunlight strengthens and late May sees blossoming carpets of Thrift spreading across the cliffs. Spring strikes a balance between brighter, warmer weather and shooting the golden hours at 'sensible' times.

Summer - June, July - This time of year can be hugely rewarding. Yet the attraction of photographing golden beaches on warm, sunny days and capturing vivid sunrise and sunsets needs to be tempered with setting the alarm for 3.00 am and returning home late. This means daytime routines work around much needed siestas to catch up on sleep. Two or three days is the ideal Summer workshop length. I don't run workshops in August due to high visitor numbers.

Autumn - September, October, November - Peace descends once again and the Autumn days can be heady and colourful. Dawns and dusks are often accompanied by stunning atmospherics, while coming at ever more 'sensible' times as the daylight hours reduce. A wonderful time of year and often my busiest, so book early!

Winter - December, January, February - The easiest time of year in terms of shooting the blue hours. The moody, brooding atmospherics can be stunning and there's no-one around. In inclement weather we can still get out to shoot, and Atlantic storms see Cornwall's coast at it's most spectacular. This is also a good time for longer studio sessions and getting to grips with advanced Photoshop processing techniques. Many clients come down in Winter with this in mind.