Cornwall's magnificent cliffs, golden beaches, remote coves and tranquil estuaries form some of the most diverse and beautiful coastline in the world. Add that sunrise on the South Coast and sunset on the Atlantic Coast are just a few miles apart, and providing you know where and when to go, you have the perfect destination for Seascape Photography. That is why, as an extension of my professional work, I created Cornish Seascape Workshops, the ultimate course for a solo photographer (or couple), who wants to widen their photographic horizons.
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Since opening the doors in 2013, my multi-level Seascape workshops have gained an international reputation for excellence and results. In covering every aspect of the Seascape discipline on a one-to-one, residential basis, my aim is to offer the most comprehensive Seascape course available. For unlike multi-day group tours, where numbers compromise individual attention and aspirations. Or guided day trips, that lack location variety and in-depth insight. My residential courses focus on the individual client, over a chosen number of days at their selected time of year. Therefore my course suits any experience, age or fitness level. I simply match individual aims and aspirations to the prevailing atmospheric and tidal conditions, to create the ideal itinerary. This will include shooting through the blue and golden hours at a range of locations, with more daytime shoots and plenty of studio time in between. This makes for an intense photographic experience, as one regular client puts it, hence five days is the longest course I offer. However, any stay can be bookended by B&B nights to help with travel plans or jet lag.

In combining award-winning professional skills with my lifelong passion for the coastal environment, my guidance inspires rather than instructs. For I believe in promoting an individual approach. So there is as much - or little - tuition as desired. Yet out on location, we will look at the influences of atmospherics, wave patterns, bathymetry and tides. Then we explore how Manual settings, filters and lighting manipulation, can help in predicting, composing and conducting the elemental dynamics, to capture the moment 'in camera'. Back in the studio, using Camera Raw and Photoshop CC - the most potent Fine Art processing combination - I will reveal a clear path leading through the maze of sliders, tools and layers, that ends in creating superb, gallery quality artworks. Here again, the undivided attention over a number of sessions, ensures everything sinks in. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to build a body of work that reflects personal visions of Cornwall's dynamic coast, through new-found skills.

Yet above everything, my Cornish Seascape Workshop is all about enjoyment. So the welcome is warm, the accommodation is luxurious, the food is delicious and the attitude is relaxed. Perhaps that is why so many clients return time and again.

As for seasonal choice, here's a personal overview;

SPRING - March, April, May - A wonderful time of regeneration with vivid colours, lightening skies and lengthening days. The sea takes on turquoise hues as the sun strengthens and wild flowers carpet the cliffs. Atmospheric conditions can vary from stormy to bright, often in a matter of hours, making the scope of photo opportunities very appealing.

SUMMER - June, July - (August) - Often an idyllic time when long, sultry days see glorious sunrise and sunsets. Perhaps the easiest season to shoot in terms of conditions down on the tideline, yet very early starts and late returns call for 'siesta' breaks during the day. 2 or 3 days the ideal summer course duration, but to assist with travel plans there's always the option of taking an extra night's B&B to make sure you are refreshed and ready to go. Due to holiday visitor numbers I don't normally run workshops in August.

AUTUMN - September, October, November - The golden season, where dawns and dusks are often accompanied by rich atmospherics. There's always the chance of some big waves and the shortening days make for later starts, earlier returns and more time in the studio.

WINTER - December, January, February - The wild season of brooding light, big seas and stormy atmospherics. Atlantic squalls see Cornish coastal drama at its very best and the low sun extends the blue and golden 'hours'. Winter is the ideal time for the adventurous and more experienced photographer.