Surrounded by clear blue ocean, Cornwall's vast golden beaches, towering cliffs, remote coves and tranquil estuaries create a stunning and varied coastline. Add that sunrise on the South Coast and sunset on the Atlantic Coast are just a few miles apart, providing you know exactly where and when to go, you have the ideal destination for seascape photography. That's why, as an extension to my professional work, I run Cornish Seascape Workshops. An exclusive course for a solo individual (or pair) of all age and experience levels, who want to expand their seascape knowledge and digital skill set.

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Since launching in 2013, my workshops have gained international recognition for quality and results. Based in Crantock on the magnificent Atlantic Coast, this all-inclusive offering is unique. For unlike group tours, where numbers compromise individual tuition and aspirations. Or day courses, that lack location diversity and real in-depth insight. This one-to-one, residential, multi-day workshop focusses solely on you and your aspirations.

You decide from a 2 to 5 day stay at your chosen time of year, and I will match the seasonal and tidal influences with your own experience and comfort levels, to create a bespoke itinerary of superb locations. Here we will shoot through the blue and golden hours of each day, with more daytime locations and plenty of studio time in between. This makes for "an intensive photographic experience", as one regular client puts it, hence 5 days is the longest stay I offer*.

My guidance combines experience gained in a 35+ year professional career, with an award-winning seascape approach and my extensive knowledge of Cornwall's coastline. In tailoring the instruction to suit you, I can help extend your seascape compositions through widening your appreciation of coastal dynamics, manual settings and filters. Inspiring you in capturing images 'in camera', then considerately 'refining' them in post processing. The aim is to build a varied body of photographs that capture the visual dynamics you witnessed, through your new-found skills.

Yet it's not all hard graft and formal instruction, it's about you enjoying rising to the challenge. So the welcome is warm, the attitude is relaxed and the premise is for you to relish the experience. This way you absorb everything. Especially in the studio, where Camera Raw through Photoshop is the top Fine Art imaging combination. Here again the course stands out, for I have been using Photoshop professionally since 1990. Through my step-by-step workflow and undivided attention, I will open a clear path through the maze of menus, sliders, tools and layers, to show you how to process stunning, gallery quality images.

All-inclusive pricing covers accommodation, food and workshop travel, making your stay hassle free and excellent value. You will be driven in a Land Rover Discovery 5. Use 27" Retina Display iMac Pro's running Photoshop CC. Enjoy luxurious en-suite accommodation, and dine from a menu planned around exactly what you like to eat.

As for seasonal choice, here's my personal overview;

Spring - March, April, May - A time of regeneration with vivid colours, bright skies and lengthening days. The sea takes on turquoise hues as sunlight strengthens and wild flowers carpet the cliffs.

Summer - June, July, August - An often idyllic time when long, warm, and hopefully sunny days are bookended by glorious sunrise and sunsets. Very early starts and late returns make 2 or 3 days the ideal Summer course duration.

Autumn - September, October, November - A wonderful season when dawns and dusks are often accompanied by mellowed atmospherics. The beaches are quieter and the shortening days make for 'easier' and longer stays.

Winter - December, January, February - The wild season of lowering light and stormy atmospherics, where an Atlantic squall sees Cornish coastal drama at its best. Extended 'golden hours', big waves and longer studio sessions make Winter ideal for the adventurous and more experienced photographer.

* Any course can be extended by two night's B&B to help travel connections and ease jet lag.