A Seascape Workshop Review

Here's a write-up from an experienced photographer who regularly attends photo workshops in the UK and abroad.


Chris Simmons – Cornish Seascape 1-to-1 Workshop Review

I recently did a 4 day 1-to-1 workshop with Chris in early May 2015.

Contact and Communication
Responsive and appropriate exchanges via email and telephone gave confidence in committing to the experience.

Travel and Accommodation
Arrival and departure arrangements were flexible. I chose to fly to Newquay from Manchester (more convenient and not much more expensive than the train from the North West) and Chris gave lifts from and back to the airport.
The accommodation is more than comfortable – and the food - not for the faint appetite – and the arrangements are worked around the photography shoots and requirements.

Workshop Structure
Simply, it’s about YOUR photography in locations well known and rehearsed by Chris.
Basically a ‘full-on’ experience combining different locations, times – yes both ‘Golden Hours’ in a day!! , the use of gear, lenses, tripod, filters etc. image reviews and post-processing at a required level.

Learning Outcomes
For me, the experience of dealing with the concept of the dynamic environment of coastal photography, what the blurb I guess describes as ‘the decisive moment’.
Lots of other stuff as well, but this and the impact of emotion on the creation of the image ‘in-camera’ comes through during the time spent shooting and assessing and processing images.

You bet!

Geoffrey Wignall, Preston