A Beginner's Perspective

Clive Saunders shoots the dawn
For photography newcomer Clive Saunders, the opportunity to come down and be shown the ropes of DSLR photography and post-production was what drove him to book a 3 day workshop. In being confused as to what he needed to buy and what would be the best for him, he took up the chance to try before you buy, using a full Canon set-up that I hire out for such occasions. Here's what he said of his Seascape Workshop experience...

"What a wonderful way to learn the basics of Seascape Photography! I spent three days with Chris taking me through the processes needed to achieve the perfect image. I mainly learned about Composition, Light, using filters and how to balance the exposure. I enjoyed good food and great company with Chris and Sam in their lovely home... I have been bitten by the bug!!!"

If you are considering taking-up photography, then there's no better way than to get one-to-one guidance to show you the ropes and guide you through the pitfalls. That's the whole idea behind my Beginner's Seascape Workshop.