A message from a happy regular!

Bob Walsh did his first workshop with me back in June 2014. A proficient photographer looking to refine his craft he was originally looking for a wildlife workshop when he came across one of my adverts in the photography press and decided to give Seascapes a go. It's fair to say other than a shared passion for photography, we clicked on many other levels, such as good food, great wine, the great outdoors and a childish sense of humour! Bob has returned three further times and alongside our building a firm friendship, he is trying to build a body of work that reflects each month of the year down on the Cornish coastline. Bob's photography has really come on and he is now establishing his own business. Recently commissioned to shoot 'Park Run' events he also has images used in a major high street sports-goods retailer. Here's a very kind message Bob sent through...

"So Chris, this note is to say thank you. Thank you for helping to take my photography to levels I could only dream of before I met you. I never thought I’d be selling my photographs – I never thought I’d have a website. If I had to pin point just one aspect of photography that I will thank you for forever it is this: the art of composition – the very first discussion we had in your studio! Still so much to learn but we’re getting there.

What I have learnt from Chris Simmons:

- the art of composition

- refining Photoshop post processing
- don’t drink his vodka martinis!
- we’re never too old to make new friends

Cheers Chris,