"The most amazing photographic experience imaginable!"

A glowing review from a very happy customer
It's always great to get really positive client feedback. It offers the ultimate professional reward alongside providing the best way to advertise a business. In the three years I've been running my one-to-one seascape workshops, every single one of my clients has left Cornwall with an impressive body of work (that by their own acclamation has extended their craft), a smile on their face and a kind word. Knowing I am always keen to promote my business, they often they write to me and kindly let me publish their words in this blog.

So here's a review from Paul Henniker, a sprightly retiree who saw one of my first magazine adverts back in 2014 and cut it out and kept it. A couple of months ago he got in touch and booked to come down in late April 2016. It must be said that he did witness an ideal range of weather conditions. The first dawn he was standing on a remote surfline in a pair of my chest waders, shooting a serene golden sunrise. The last evening he was in his waterproofs, wedged in a rocky cleft on a sleet-battered cliff, shooting an Atlantic storm. And there was much more in between so this went a long way to ensuring he got some absolutely breathtaking images. Yet he really threw himself into his time down here and reaped the rewards. So with all that said, here's Paul's review...

"Is your photography looking lack lustre? Then perhaps you need to go to a pro to iron out some wrinkles. I did and I have just completed the most amazing photography experience imaginable.

I am an enthusiastic Photographer who likes a good ‘landscape’. After reappraising my photography, I decided to jump in at the deep end so to speak and try a few specialised workshops with a professional.

Chris Simmons offers his 'Cornish Seascape Workshops' on a 1 to 1 basis. With no group to get in the way, it is three days of morning, noon and night photography, with RAW and Photoshop tuition to complete the package. Chris emailed me an outline of my personalised workshop itinerary, dealing with the early mornings, late evenings (photographers call them the ‘Golden Hours’). After meeting me at the station and showing me my accommodation, we had a review of my gear, ran through his presentation and then we were ready for the first sunset shoot. Chris has a vast knowledge of the Cornish coastline and finds the perfect spot according to time, weather and tides. The photography is ‘up close and personal’ with the subject. With water lapping round your ankles or perched high on a rocky outcrop, you can’t help but be enthused. After all that it’s back to the studio to review and enhance the images. Chris has good grasp of teaching RAW and Photoshop post-processing and it took a novice like me only a few attempts to turn out a cracking image.

Three days of this? Fantastic! Go on give it a try, you won’t regret it."

Paul Henniker - Greenwich