A Happy Man!

George Hodlin's shot of Crantock Bay
George Hodlin at work
I have had many clients who have really benefitted from their Cornish Seascape Workshop. Some have sold their pictures, many have won competitions in their camera clubs, one was commissioned by a large chain of shops and I have helped a couple to forge professional careers. Yet when I was recently contacted by 84 year old George Hodlin, I received some of the best news to date.

George came down in June 2018 on a 3 day course (but top and top and tailed these with B&B nights, so he could take time and relax into his course, and get a good night's sleep before heading home to Yorkshire). We experienced a wide range of weather conditions. From brilliant summer sunshine to dark and moody overcast skies. And bearing in mind his senior status, I matched the locations to George's comfort levels. So he could easily access the shooting positions. Yet fair play to the man, he asked for a pair of waders and walked right down the winding track to the tideline at Porthcurno. A truly impressive effort!

On his last day, on the daybreak shoot down the lane at Crantock beach, George captured a long exposure image using a Lee Big Stopper, and we processed it back in my studio. It was just one of a number of really good images he took home and he was really thrilled with his time spent in Cornwall. And that always makes me feel good for there's nothing better than seeing a client achieving their aspirations.

Yet 11 months later, when he emailed me to say his image had been accepted by The London Salon Of Photography, I was ecstatic! He is obviously a very happy man as he has been trying for years and this marks a high point in his photographic achievements. It's a lovely feeling knowing you have helped someone achieve their dreams and also really good to have him book a return stay. So everyone's happy!