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Kishore on Holywell
I had a client fly over from the USA for a mid June workshop. He is an eminent doctor, lifelong photography enthusiast and a true gentleman, and I had a wonderful five days showing him around Cornwall.

Here's his review...

I want to thank you for one of the best photographic workshops I have ever attended.
As you know, over the years I have been on multiple photo courses with professional photographers across the globe. These covered a variety of photographic subjects, from landscape, bird, wildlife etc. Yet your workshop stands out by far from anyone of these.
Let me elaborate a little more on this. This was the only workshop that was all inclusive including lodging, food and most important, one-to-one teaching. I cannot begin to express just how invaluable this is for the learning experience. It was informal, but very stimulating and educational.
The morning we spent on the 'dinosaur eggs' was truly memorable. I learned so much about the behavior of the sea, the tides and when best to photograph it. Besides this, I also learned about varying the exposure to get different results from the same composition. I really appreciated you sharing your filters and educating me as to when and which was best to use. It truly makes such a difference to the final image.
When it comes to the digital darkroom, I cannot impress on you just how valuable the time we spent in your studio was. For it really let me understand just how effective post processing raw images in Photoshop is. Until now, I have always been a Lightroom user, but your work flow that you taught me was so simple and the results were quite simply, magical!
What's more, when I booked I did not realize that you were also an excellent chef. After a long day of photoshoots and time in the studio, I looked forward to my glass of wine and the excellent food, not to mention the superb company and fascinating conversations we had over dinner. I have to thank Sam for her warm hospitality and generosity of opening your house to me.
I truly believe that you need to make yourself more visible to the photographic community because people need to get to know you and do your seascape workshop.
It has truly been my honor and pleasure to spend those five days with you. I'm hoping you take up my invitation of coming to Chicago and spending time with me and Melissa.
Do convey my best regards to Sam.

Kishore Karamchandani MD, MRCP