A Surgical Course Breakdown

Kishore on Holywell
I had a client fly over from the USA for a mid June workshop. He is an eminent doctor, lifelong photography enthusiast and a true gentleman, and I had a wonderful five days showing him around Cornwall.

Here's his review...


I want to thank you for one of the best photographic workshops I have ever attended.

Over the past 25 years I have been on many photo courses run by professional photographers around the world and the UK. These covered a wide range of disciplines - Landscape, Nature, Safari, Portrait, Wildlife etc. Yet your Seascape workshop stands out by far from any one of them.

Let me elaborate a little more as I know feedback is important to you. Firstly, it is rare to find a course that offers accommodation, food and transport and all you provided was simply excellent. I was free to relax and enjoy my time concentrating on the photography. Which leads to the most important aspect of all, your expert instruction. I cannot express just how invaluable the in-depth insight and one-to-one format was to the overall learning experience. While informal and relaxed, my five days were superbly organised, totally stimulating and above all, educational.

The morning spent at 'Dinosaur Egg Cove' was a true inspiration. I learned so much about the behaviour of the sea and now really understand the effects of tide, flow, cloud, currents, time and most importantly the light on capturing it’s “mood”. Besides this, I also learned about varying manual settings to get different results from the same composition, and here your use of flash came as a total revelation. Excellent! I also appreciated you sharing your wide selection of filters and learning how, when and which ones were best to use. All this made such a difference to my final images, that were indeed “captured in camera” as you impressed on me.

Then we come to post processing, and what can I say? In truth, the time I spent in your studio has transformed my photography. Again, the one-to-one aspect was ideal and I learned so much. I really do now fully appreciate just how effective processing raw files through Photoshop CC is. Until now, I always used Lightroom, yet the fine art workflow you have created is so intuitive and comprehensive, and as for the results, well my Cornwall pictures are quite simply, magical!

I sincerely believe you should make your presence more visible to the wider photographic community. Because anyone who wants to improve their photography needs to get to know you and your Seascape workshop.

It has truly been an honor and pleasure to spend those five days with you. I'm hoping you take up my invitation of coming to Chicago and spending time with me and Melissa.

Do convey my best regards to Sam.

Kishore Karamchandani MD, MRCP